Oh, Pinterest

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love Pinterest. I think it’s super helpful a lot of the time for recipes and design inspiration. I also like to think I play an important role in keeping Pinterest real because I fix any mis-linked pins. I’ll even go so far as to copy the photo and use Google reverse image search (if you haven’t used it before, use it. It will change your life…and you can pretend like you’re on that Catfish show on MTV.) and find the original website to re-link the pin. Fellow Pinners, you’re welcome.

Sometimes though it’s the descriptions of the pins that crack me up. Recently, this was one of my favorites:


My favorite part is, of course, “People sprinkles! AWESOME!!” Now, I’m not sure if the Pinner was being facetious or if they genuinely thought that the people sprinkles existed. Either way, I must admit, I fell into the trap and thought I had discovered a website that sold people sprinkles. Which, for the record, I’d totally purchase.

When clicking on the link, it took me to an Etsy page that sold a print of this photo with a description that said, ” I got some yummy doughnuts in town and put lots of these miniature policemen on one to look like sprinkles. It’s cheeky and kitsch and perfect for your kitchen decor!”

…way to disappoint. Needless to say, I’m still on the hunt for people sprinkles because I’m sure they exist somewhere.


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